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China's cylindrical roller bearing trading network leads the new era of e-commerce

In the manufacturing industry, which is still dominated by the traditional enterprise model, the rapid growth and huge influence of e-commerce has touched many eager cylindrical roller bearing entities. With the shift of the global manufacturing focus to China, it not only provides a strong impetus for the development of China's cylindrical roller bearing casting industry, but also raises higher and higher requirements for domestic high-end manufacturers. As a result, China's cylindrical roller bearing trading network came into being, injecting a new business chapter for the bearing industry. China Cylindrical Roller Bearing Trading Network, through the opening of all enterprise data in the platform, allows each cylindrical roller bearing enterprise to make an accurate inquiry in the Chinese cylindrical roller bearing trading network. And the quotation is a B2B trading platform for cylindrical roller bearings that integrates safety, reliability and high credibility. For the buyer, China Cylindrical Roller Bearing Trading Network has an extremely strict audit mechanism to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the company and the information published in the platform; it also provides online trading functions, which has led to an increase in orders. As the first company to cooperate with China Cylindrical Roller Bearing Trading Network - Hunan Guanghui Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., its products are widely used in electric motors, diesel engines, lifting machinery, port machinery, petroleum Machinery, metallurgical mill, railway, subway and other industries, the products in the same industry quality evaluation is in a leading position, sales in more than 300 customers in all provinces and cities nationwide, and exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia, trusted by customers. China's cylindrical roller bearing trading network promotes the innovation of the business model of the cylindrical roller bearing industry with a new e-commerce model of “fairness, integrity and efficiency”, helping many cylindrical roller bearing enterprises to break through in the Internet era. , will lead the industry in the sub-sector of the bearing industry to the era of e-commerce!


How to choose the type and type of bearing?

The first is the size limit. Usually the space in which the bearing can be installed is limited. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or bearing inner diameter) is limited by mechanical design or other design. Therefore, the choice of bearing type and size is determined by the inner diameter of the bearing. As a result, the main dimensions of standard bearings are based on the international standard internal diameter dimensions. Standard bearings are available in a variety of sizes. It is best to use standard bearings when designing the mechanical device. (This design is easy to purchase from the bearing. Here is a question. Some models on the imported bearing catalogue are indeed Yes, but some non-standard bearings are not in stock in mainland China, and sometimes there will be long-term futures, so the cost of the bearing and the cost of later replacement should be considered when selecting the bearing.) The load of the bearing, the load applied to the bearing, Nature, size, and direction are changeable. Usually, the rated base load is shown on the dimension table. However, axial load and radial load are also important factors in selecting suitable bearings. When the size of the ball and needle bearing is equivalent, the needle bearing usually has a high load capacity and withstands large vibration and shock loads. Speed, the allowable speed is determined by factors such as bearing type, size, accuracy, cage type, load, lubrication method, and cooling method. The specified speed of the standard precision bearing under oil lubrication and grease lubrication is listed on the bearing table. Generally, deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for high speed operation. Bearing tolerances, bearing dimensional accuracy and rotational accuracy are based on ISO and JIS standards. For machines requiring high precision and high speed operation, bearings with 5 or more precision are recommended. Deep groove ball bearings, radial thrust ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for machines with high running accuracy. Rigidity, when the bearing rolling element and the raceway contact surface are pressed, elastic deformation occurs. Some machines need to minimize elastic deformation. Roller bearings have less elastic deformation than ball bearings. In addition, in some cases the bearing is preloaded to increase rigidity. This program is usually used for deep groove ball bearings, radial thrust ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. The shaft is bent, the shaft or bearing housing tolerance changes, and the misalignment will lead to the eccentricity of the inner and outer rings. In order to prevent the eccentric angle from being too large, automatic self-aligning ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, or self-aligning bearing seats are preferred choices.嗓 Audio frequency and torque, rolling bearings are manufactured according to high-precision standards, so the sound and torque are small. Deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for occasions with low noise and low torque. Installation and disassembly, some applications need to be removed and installed frequently to ensure regular inspection and inspection. Bearings that can be installed separately for the inner and outer rings, such as cylindrical bearings, needle bearings, and tapered bearings, are suitable for this application. The tapered self-aligning ball bearing and self-aligning roller bearing also simplify the installation procedure with the help of the bushing.


Bearing application in robots

In recent years, with the development of advanced manufacturing, the demand for various types of robots representing modern manufacturing technology is increasing. Such as large-scale construction machinery, automobiles, home appliances and other automated production lines, as well as deep-sea manned submersibles, humanoid bionic robots and painting, arc welding, assembly, and handling industrial robots that enhance the country's high-tech strategic position. As a key supporting special bearing for robots, it has an important impact on key performance indicators such as robot reliability. At present, there are many types of robot bearings, such as thin-walled deep groove ball bearings, thin-wall angular contact ball bearings, thin-walled four-point contact ball bearings and thin-walled crossed roller bearings. Because thin-walled four-point contact ball bearings and thin-walled cross-roller bearings have the characteristics of strong combined load capacity, high precision, low friction torque, light weight and stable operation, they are mostly used in the waist, elbow and wrist of robots. Department and other parts. If necessary, contact: 0379-64907522       Company Name: Luoyang Lirui Bearing Co., Ltd.


About Larry Thin Wall Bearings

In 2006, the series of thin-walled bearing products of the same section won the National Torch Program project commitment unit. In 2008, it was supported by the National Science and Technology Innovation Project.


Thin-walled isometric bearings can be customized according to demand

Thin-walled isometric bearings, also known as thin-walled ferrule bearings, are highly accurate, very quiet and have a high load carrying capacity. Thin-walled ferrule bearings can be deep groove ball bearings, four-point contact bearings, angular contact ball bearings, and thin-walled bearings are mostly square in cross section. In these series, even with larger shaft diameters and bearing bores, the cross section remains the same. These bearings are therefore referred to as equal sections. It is this feature that distinguishes thin-walled ferrule bearings in the standard ISO series from conventional bearings. Therefore, a larger cross section can be selected and a more load bearing bearing can be used without having to change the shaft diameter. Thin-walled ferrule bearings can be designed to be extremely light and require very little space. Complete specifications, a large number of stock.


Introduction and use of Luoyang Larry Cross Roller

Their rollers are arranged at right angles to each other at intervals between the inner and outer wheels. They can withstand loads from all directions (such as axial, thrust or momentum loads). Since the roller is in linear contact with the surface of the track, the bearing is less likely to be elastically deformed by the load. This type of bearing is widely used in industrial robots, work machines and medical facilities, where high rigidity, tightness and high speed are required to ensure accuracy. In a cross-roller bearing, a cylindrical roller is placed perpendicular to each other by a spacer on a 90° V-groove rolling surface, so one cross roller bearing can withstand Loads in all directions, such as radial load, axial load and moment load. The size of the inner and outer rings is miniaturized to a minimum, and the extremely thin type is a small size close to the limit and has high rigidity, so it is most suitable for a joint portion or a rotating portion of an industrial robot, a rotary table of a machining center, Uses such as a robot rotating part, a precision rotary table, a medical device, a meter, and an IC manufacturing device. This article is from Luoyang Lirui Bearing Co., Ltd.


Introduction of equal-section thin-walled ball bearings

Luoyang Lirui bearing production, equal-section thin-walled ball bearings, also called flexible bearings, have the advantages of thin wall, light weight, strong bearing capacity and high precision. They are especially suitable for aerospace, military, medical, etc. The requirements are relatively high and the installation space is limited. It requires a small size and light weight, and has a wide range of applicable space. We can also design and process precision non-standard thin-wall bearings according to customer's specific requirements. Welcome new and old customers to call us! Tel: 0379-64907522 Fax: 0379-62692655 E-mail: 1245028816@qq.com Website: www.lylrzc .com


Improve bearing life

Gears and bearings play an important role in the operation of coal mine machinery. Once the gears and bearings fail to work properly, the whole or the entire equipment will not be able to operate normally. For this reason, the author has intensively studied the gears and bearings of the coal cutter coal cutting section and the gear reducer of the coal conveyor, and looked for the causes of gear and bearing failure, so as to take effective measures to improve the service life of gears and bearings.


Equal-section thin-walled ball bearings go to the international market

The bearing industry has developed rapidly in recent years. At the same time, the requirements for bearing precision are higher in various industries. In many cases, the requirements for bearing installation space are strict, and the requirements for bearing size and quality have reached a new height. In response to this situation, LRZ has developed a thin-walled ball bearing of equal section, which ranks among the best in the world in terms of process and technology. Thin-walled ball bearings of equal section are also called flexible bearings. They have not appeared in China for a long time. There are only a few bearing companies in foreign countries. Compared with ordinary bearings, thin-walled bearings have light weight and thin walls. The small size is very suitable for occasions where the installation space is relatively strict, and has the superiority that ordinary bearings are incomparable. It is widely used in many industries such as aerospace, medical, instrument and robot. At the same time, because the thin-walled ball bearings of equal section are very thin and light, the production difficulty is relatively increased, which limits the rapid development of such bearings. At present, imported bearings are mainly used in China. The development of such thin-walled ball bearings with equal cross-section, after years of hard work, the thin-walled ball bearings of equal section have become the LRZ company's fist products, a full range of thin-walled bearings, many types of models, large size range, in the first half of 2011 Has developed a maximum-section inner diameter of 40 inches (metric 1016mm) of equal-section thin-walled ball bearings, is currently the largest size of the same-section thin-walled ball bearings in the world, there are few companies in the world can produce, has begun mass production and export to Europe and the United States market . The mass production of large-size equal-section thin-walled ball bearings proves the company's strong product development and production capacity. It also shows that only the innovative R&D road is the domestic bearing industry going global.


Matters needing attention before installing THK crossed roller bearings

THK Crossed Roller Bearings Things to Note Before Installation: 1. Bearing Preparation Since the bearings are rust-proofed and packaged, do not open the package until installation. In addition, the anti-rust oil coated on the bearing has good lubricity. For general-purpose bearings or grease-filled bearings, it can be used without cleaning. However, for the bearing for the instrument or the bearing for high-speed rotation, the cleaning oil is used to wash off the rust-proof oil. At this time, the bearing is apt to rust and cannot be placed for a long time. 2. Inspection of the shaft and housing Clean the bearing and the casing to confirm the burrs left by scratches or machining. There must be no abrasive (SiC, Al2O3, etc.) sand or chips in the outer casing. Next, verify that the size, shape and quality of the shaft and casing are in accordance with the drawings. Before installing the bearing, apply mechanical oil to the mating surfaces of the inspected shaft and the outer casing.

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