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Matters needing attention before installing THK crossed roller bearings

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THK Crossed Roller Bearings Things to Note Before Installation:

1. Bearing Preparation

Since the bearings are rust-proofed and packaged, do not open the package until installation.

In addition, the anti-rust oil coated on the bearing has good lubricity. For general-purpose bearings or grease-filled bearings, it can be used without cleaning. However, for the bearing for the instrument or the bearing for high-speed rotation, the cleaning oil is used to wash off the rust-proof oil. At this time, the bearing is apt to rust and cannot be placed for a long time.

2. Inspection of the shaft and housing

Clean the bearing and the casing to confirm the burrs left by scratches or machining. There must be no abrasive (SiC, Al2O3, etc.) sand or chips in the outer casing.

Next, verify that the size, shape and quality of the shaft and casing are in accordance with the drawings.

Before installing the bearing, apply mechanical oil to the mating surfaces of the inspected shaft and the outer casing.