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LRZ equal section thin-wall ball bearing technology has made breakthrough progress

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Thin-walled ball bearings of equal section, also called flexible bearings, have incomparable advantages such as thin wall, light weight, strong bearing capacity and high precision. They are especially suitable for aerospace, military, medical and other requirements and installation space. Limited, requiring a small size and light weight, it has a wide range of applicable space.

Isometric thin-walled ball bearings are another major product of Luoyang Lirui Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. (LRZ) in addition to high-precision thin-walled cross-roller bearings. The production process of equal-section thin-walled ball bearings is very difficult and is the most difficult one in bearing technology. Equal-section thin-walled ball bearings are currently produced by only a handful of companies worldwide, capable of producing from 1 inch (25.4mm) inside diameter to 60 inches (1524mm) inside diameter, with cross-section widths from 0.187" (4.7625mm) to 1". (25.4mm) There are only two or three companies in full-size and full-size thin-walled ball bearings. LRZ is one of them, and it is the only company in mainland China that can produce full-size, full-size and thin-section thin-walled ball bearings.

After years of exploration, summarization and accumulation, LRZ has perfected the development and production process of the complete set of thin-walled ball bearings of equal section, especially in the production process with rich and advanced technological concepts. In the second half of 2011, with the expansion of the maximum internal diameter of the equal-section thin-walled ball bearings produced by LRZ from 40 inches to 60 inches, the domestic largest isometric thin-walled ball bearings with a section width of 1 inch were successfully rolled off, indicating that LRZ has fully mastered The design and production technology of a full range of large-diameter thin-walled ball bearings, marking LRZ's first full-scale, full-size product design and production capacity in the field of equal-section thin-walled ball bearings, once again stood up for special bearings such as thin-walled ball bearings of equal section The commanding heights of the field also marked a breakthrough in the design and production capacity of domestic special bearings.