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Development of domestic industrial robot special bearing industry

Update time:2018-08-13 Click:61

China's industrial robot market is getting bigger and bigger, and the batch production of cross-roller bearings has been realized. As a high-quality manufacturer of industrial robot bearing industry in Luoyang, Lirui Bearing has reduced the cost of bearing production to a large extent. A lot, in the industry has absolute quality advantages and price advantages. With the expansion of the market, it has become the brand leader of the industrial robot high-precision bearing industry.

As a key supporting bearing for industrial robots, it has an important impact on key performance indicators such as smooth running speed, repeat positioning accuracy, motion accuracy and work reliability. At present, there are many types of bearings for robots, such as thin-walled deep groove ball bearings, thin-wall angular contact ball bearings, thin-walled four-point contact ball bearings, thin-walled crossed roller bearings, and harmonic reducer bearings. Because thin-walled cross-roller bearings have the characteristics of strong combined load capacity, high precision, low friction torque, light weight, stable operation, and excellent rotation accuracy, the operation and installation are simplified, and they are subjected to large axial and radial loads. It is widely used in the waist, elbow, and wrist of industrial robots because it greatly saves installation space.

Crossed roller bearings are key components of industrial robots. The existing national standards for bearings are not perfect enough to meet the design, production and inspection of industrial robot bearings. Luoyang is a famous bearing manufacturer. After repeated process tests, the related products have formed their own enterprise standards based on customer customization requirements and a large amount of experimental data. The design concept of robot cross roller bearing and harmonic reducer bearing Breakthroughs have been made in terms of process principles, inspection specifications, and product technical standards.