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Industrial Robot Bearing Development Report

Update time:2018-08-13 Click:62

China's bearing industry ranks fourth in the world after Japan, the United States and Germany. However, compared with the world's bearing industry, China's bearing industry still has a large gap, mainly characterized by high precision, high technology content and low proportion of high-added products, poor product stability, low reliability and short life.

Industrial robot bearings are mainly used in industrial robot bearings and are one of the key components of industrial robots. There are two main categories: one is a thin-walled bearing with equal section, and the other is a crossed cylindrical roller bearing. There are also harmonic reducer bearings, linear bearings, joint bearings, etc., but mainly the first two bearings.

First notice the type of joint of the robot and then decide which bearing to use. For example, the rotational accuracy and stiffness of the lumbar bearings are very high; the ends of the robot, such as the elbows and wrists, are critical in terms of compact size, light weight and good adaptability to harsh environments. Like most robots, the design of the robot's bearings must take into account a certain load capacity, speed capability, service life, such as mechanical properties and environmental requirements such as rotational accuracy and geometric dimensions. For example, the size of the radius of curvature of the inner and outer ring channels directly affects the bearing capacity, life, rigidity and friction torque.