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Summer bearing maintenance

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1. First, put the bearing into the gasoline to clean, wipe off the sludge and dust left on the bearing, and all the rusted bearings are gently wiped with metallographic sandpaper until there is no rough feeling by hand. .

2. Dry the cleaned bearing with a dry rag and place it in anti-rust oil. In this process, the bearing should be completely in contact with the rust preventive oil, and the bearing should not be rotated, so that the oil film formed by the rust preventive oil can be covered on the surface of the bearing to achieve the purpose of rust prevention.

3, next use anti-rust oil, butter, need to be evenly applied to the surface of the bearing, including the inner and outer rings, steel balls, cages. Moreover, the bearing is rotated while being smeared, so that the rust preventive oil actually enters the inside of the bearing and fully lubricates.