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Advantages of Luoyang Larry Thin Wall Bearing

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Thin-wall bearing Luoyang Lirui Bearing Co., Ltd. Features of thin-walled bearings:

The thin-walled bearing has a very thin bearing cross section, and has also achieved miniaturization and weight reduction. The diversity of products extends the range of applications. 0379-64907522 In order to obtain low friction torque, high rigidity and good rotation accuracy of the bearing, a steel ball with a small outer light is used. The use of a hollow shaft ensures space for wiring and wiring. The thin-walled bearing realizes an extremely thin bearing end face, and also realizes miniaturization and weight reduction of the product. The diversity of products extends the range of applications. Luoyang Lirui Bearing Co., Ltd.

Thin-walled ferrule bearings are:

deep groove ball bearings (C),

four-point contact ball bearings (X)

Angular contact ball bearings (A),

These various designs are available in different series. The series depends on the size of the cross section. The ball matches the series. Deep groove ball bearings can support both axial and radial loads. Four-point contact ball bearings can support the main structural form of two-way thin-walled bearings. Ultra-thin wall bearings are widely used in aircraft, aerospace, astronomical instruments and clamping equipment, food processing equipment, glass production equipment and rotary tables, machine tools, packaging equipment, medical equipment, optical scanning equipment, radar, satellite communication equipment, textile Machinery, robotics, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.