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Robot arm industry bearing

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Luoyang Lirui Bearing Co., Ltd. is the only professional manufacturer of industrial robot bearings Business. It mainly includes two types of bearings for industrial robots, one is a thin-walled bearing with equal section, the other is a thin-walled cross-roller bearing, and the thin-walled bearing of equal section has an open series; there are three types, radial contact type angular contact type and Four-point contact type. The seal series is available in two radial contact types and four-point contact type. Different-section thin-walled bearings differ from ordinary bearings in that the cross-sectional dimensions of each series are designed to be fixed values; 0.1875X0.1875 inches 0.250X0.25 inches.0.3125X0.3125.inch 0.375x0.375 inches0.50 The X0.50 inch 1.0x1.0 inch cross section is unchanged in the same series. It does not increase with the increase of the inner diameter to become a thin-section thin-walled bearing. Large-bore, small-section thin-walled bearings can be used to replace small-diameter solid shafts with large-diameter hollow shafts, such as air beams, water pipes, cables, etc., which can be provided through the space of the hollow shaft, making the design simpler. .

Using equal-section thin-walled bearings saves space, reduces weight, significantly reduces friction, and provides good rotational accuracy. It is possible to make the main unit lighter and smaller.